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I’m really happy. I believe that with this product we get great campaign visibility for our own product and also create a positive image about the product for our customers – even if the product is not that relevant for the customer at that moment.

Mika Astikainen, Key Account Manager – DNA

DNA PLC is a Finnish teleoperator, established in 2001, and one of the leading Finnish telecommunication groups. DNA decided to use Stafix® materials after looking for solutions for their Prepaid products’ point-of-purchase marketing. DNA wanted to offer their retailers a visibility element that was easy to install, relocate and remove without leaving residue after the campaign has ended.

DNA delivers the advertisements to two retail chains distributing their products, where the ads are typically displayed e.g. on the store walls and the register counter.

Before the Stafix® glue-free stickers, these surfaces were quite challenging and they couldn’t be utilized for advertising as effectively as today.