Caisse d’Épargne

POP - Point of Purchase / Banking and Insurances

The French bank La Caisse d’Épargne organized 2 campaigns to support their prize competition for Christmas and Easter. They created their own artworks, and asked Imprimerie Advence to print on STAFIX® material.
Three different artworks were chosen, and installed in their agencies for a month.

The local banks had full independence in installing their campaign, and could choose from with windows and walls to display their stickers. Therefore, the easiness of installation and the total respect of the surfaces was a key of success for those campaigns.

After collecting very positive feedbacks during their first Christmas campaign, the Caisse d’Épargne decided to renew the experience, and chose STAFIX® again for their Easter event! Alexandra Rivière, in charge of communication for the eastern Caisse d’Épargne tells us more on how they implemented it:

« We used your stickers for our 2 lasts campaigns in our 336 points of sales. We did not use any professional help to implement the campaign. We organized it internally, with the precious help of our graphic designer for all the artworks.”

Alexandra also shares with us the reason behind their choice:

“We chose your stickers because they are very easy to remove, and they do not leave any residues (we already had a bad experience, and received very bad feedbacks from our points of sale). They can be used on different surfaces (windows, walls, office furniture) and are repositionable. We can also create every visual, all the shapes we want (with make our graphic designer very happy). And all of this for a reasonable cost.
One word: GREAT. We recommend without hesitation.”

Printed on STAFIX®STATIC Offset 4 colors + white.