Glue-free stickers for in-store advertising

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POP - Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

STAFIX®STATIC is an innovative communication material and ideal for short-term applications, as in the case of our promotions.

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POP - Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

The famous ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s used STAFIX® to promote it’s first local ice cream flavor, which is available Read more

Magazine Inserts and Direct Mailing / Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

“The material has been well accepted because is innovative and easy to place.” Trade Marketing, Bayer Spain Bayer Spain decided Read more

Street Marketing / Entertainment and Electronics

For the launch of their new game, “The Sims 3”, EA Sports utilised STAFIX®STATIC stickers to implement a street marketing Read more

POP - Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

The STAFIX® electrostatic posters have been very appreciated because they are practical and multi-functional. Nestlé Switzerland Every year Nestlé Switzerland Read more

Street Marketing / Banking and Insurances

Santander’s wanted to make sure that its arrival to the Finnish market would be well noticed in downtown Helsinki. Therefore Read more

POP - Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

Dr. Oetker used Stafix stickers for the launch of their new range of frozen pizzas; Dr. Oetker’s Stoneoven Tradizionale. The Read more

POP - Point of Purchase /
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I’m really happy. I believe that with this product we get great campaign visibility for our own product and also Read more

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Are you afraid of complicated material installation?

We can help! Stafix® products are:

1. Easy to Install

Stafix products are extremely quick and easy to install and fully removable. Anyone can do it, and there’s no need for professional installation.

2. Suitable for various surfaces

Why use different materials for every surface instead of utilizing a more versatile product? Use STAFIX® materials on windows, walls, freezers and any other smooth and clean indoor surfaces.

3. Glue-Free

Unlike with normal stickers, you have no risk of damaging the surfaces and no need for cleaning afterwards. STAFIX® materials are a safe choice even for sensitive surfaces.

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Why you should avoid the use of PVC in printing

We should not try to eliminate the use of plastic in printing, but we should choose to avoid the use of PVC.


The impact of plastics on the environment and our daily lives is currently a hot topic. Regrettably, it is very difficult to have an accurate picture of the real impact that certain plastics have on the environment through their complete lifecycle. The statistics available are hardly comparable across different materials, but there is consensus about the challenges brought by PVC.

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Different UV Curing Methods in Offset Printing

In recent years it has become necessary to double check what exactly is meant when somebody talks about UV-Offset. Nowadays it is not merely UV-Offset printing. There are many more terms and new technologies swirling around, which all have the same idea: Curing UV inks at a lower energy input. We can find H-UV from Komori, while Manroland is marketing LEC-UV. KBA calls it HR-UV and to Heidelberg, it is LE-UV. Additionally UV inks can be cured with even less energy input by using LED-UV, with Ryobi being a pioneer in this technology. What do all these curing processes have in common and what makes them different?

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POS Advertising in Cold Conditions

All decision makers in marketing or communications face challenges that will affect the choices made when selecting proper communication tools. In retail advertising, especially in cold sections, those challenges are amplified. Lack of space, diffusion, and practicality are major concerns. Moreover, fresh and frozen goods departments are covered with windows, or glazed surfaces and the cleanliness of such surfaces preoccupies owners and customers.

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