POP - Point of Purchase / Food and Drinks

Selecta Finland has high-value advertising space on the front of their vending machines, reaching approximately one million consumers daily. Selecta and their suppliers wanted to utilize this place to communicate new product launches and campaign advertisements.

Selecta wanted to find material that could be used inside cool and moist vending machines with easy installation and residue-free removal by their own merchandizers.

Finding the right advertising material to meet the needs turned out to be quite difficult. Selecta tested wide range of different materials, setting strict criteria for the functioning of the substrate. Traditional stickers left undesired glue residue on the front panel, causing significant labor costs for cleaning. Traditional paper materials on the other hand curl up and wrinkle, ending up in messy and unrepresentative communication. Most regrettably, the merchandizers were not able to use their time efficiently for updating the product offering in the vending machines.

STAFIX®GRIP was chosen as their campaign material through comparisons and tests. Pilot campaign phase constrained few vending machines in the field.

The first actual campaign implementation generated positive feedback from the merchandizers: the material was easy to place, held strongly to the surface throughout the campaign and left no residue after being removed from the display/window.

Thanks to the positive initial experience, Selecta felt confident to select STAFIX®GRIP material as their ongoing solution expanding the concept to nationwide distribution in 2016.

Selecta is the market leading vending operator in Europe having over 140,000 vending machines in 21 countries. Selecta Finland has over 50 years of experience in providing their customers with enjoyable break-time with their fresh and high-quality products.

  • Material: STAFIX®GRIP Eco-Solvent Clear
  • Printing: Mirror-wise 4/0, backed with white laminate
  • Application: Vending Machine front covers. The field agents attach the sticker from the inside of the cover, facing outwards. Used for new product launches and campaign offerings