POP - Point of Purchase / Entertainment and Electronics

The Window Decals for our Christmas Campaign promoting the fitness collection were not only eye-catching in the store windows as POS, but also easy to install by staff and after the campaign there are no marks or residues left behind.
Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Manager

We like to use the STAFIX®STATIC -film in campaigns for retailers and studios. Beneficial is the simple application, but also the residue free removal of the film on cabinets, windows or doors.
Mark D. Seng, Head of Marketing

Polar Electro UK is part of the Finnish company Polar Electro Oy, the leading manufacturer of wireless heart rate monitors and accessories.

Polar GmbH used the static adhesive STAFIX®STATIC film for the first time in 2011 for an advertising campaign. Since then they have been using STATIC® regularly to endorse new products or to highlight promotions at the POS. The company appreciates the flexible application possibilities, as well as the residue free removal of the film.

Polar Electro UK chose STAFIX®STATIC for their In-store Christmas Campaign 2013 to promote their colouful range of fitness watches designed for fitness and cross-training. The campaign used STAFIX®STATIC for window decals printed ‘mirror-wise’ backed with white on the STAFIX®STATIC UV-Inkjet clear material.