OFFSET -material is available in white and clear. Both materials are printable in UV-Offset with UV-Offset inks. Additionally the white material can be printed in traditional offset with oxidative inks.


Product properties

STAFIX®GRIP is a glue-free sticker material that adheres to various clean and very smooth surfaces with a silicon adhesion layer.
The material is removable without leaving any residue and reusable even up to 12 months. The material adheres on the unprinted side only.

STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET is available in white and clear and comes in sheets. The STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET film is printable with UV-curable and Oxidative inks only. The film does not have a receptive primer and therefore it does not absorb any liquid.

In the sealed original package, unprinted material can be stored:

  • STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET White Polypropylene 18 months
  • STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET Clear PET 24 months

Product data


White Material
450 x 640 mm
• Boxes of 200 sheets
• Pallets of 4000 sheets (20 boxes)
707 x 1000 mm
• Boxes of 200 sheets
• Pallets of 2000 sheets (10 boxes)
Clear Material
707 x 1000 mm
• Boxes of 150 sheets
• Pallets of 1500 sheets (10 boxes)
Material PP PET
Finishing Matte Optically clear
Weight g/m2 110 43 155 70
Thickness µm 170 50 115 50
Total Weight g/m2 153 225
Total Thickness µm 220 165

Size tolerance is 0 / +5mm in machine and cross direction.


Store the unwrapped STAFIX®GRIP in the original package at 25% to 50% relative humidity and 15°C to 25°C temperature. The material should remain sealed in the original wrap until the STAFIX®GRIP material has warmed up to print-room temperature.
Print-room recommended relative humidity is 50% to 60% and temperature is 18°C to 30°C. After use re-seal the remaining unused material in the original package. Proper acclimatization allows for better feeding through the press.

Humidity 25% to 50% 40% to 60%
Temperature 15° to 25 °C 18º to 30º

The warming-up time depends on the pallet weight and the temperature difference between the warehouse and the print-room, see table below for more details:

FORMAT KG (APPROX) 10° 15° 20° 25° 30° 35° 40° HOURS
White 450 x 640 mm Full pallet (4000 sheets) 205 KG 10 30 45 60 75 85 90 95
White 707 x 1000 mm Full pallet (2000 sheets) 265 KG 13 38 54 69 83 89 95 100
Clear 707 x 1000 mm Full pallet (1500 sheets) 275 KG 14 39 55 70 85 89 95 100

Once the STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET sheets have reached the same temperature as the print room you can open the boxes. Let the material acclimatize with the open box for 2 hours prior to printing for better runnability and efficient feeding. After use, repack the remaining unused material in the original package.

For pictures a raster of 60 – 70 l/cm is recommended. Create the black text of only 100% black for better registration. Avoid heavy deposits of ink for faster drying.

When printing an artwork on the clear material that will be used for window advertising, print the image mirror-wise and apply an additional covering white layer (either printed or a laminated layer) to reduce the transparency.
The sticker or poster is always installed from the unprinted side to the glass. The material adheres only from the unprinted side.

Always run a test with the right inks and right conditions before printing a commercial job, specially for the first time printing on STAFIX®GRIP.

The STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET film is printable with UV curable and oxidative inks specially designed for printing on plastic substrates. The film does not have a receptive primer and therefore it does not absorb any liquid.

Print with low levels of water. STAFIX®GRIP absorbs no water and therefore very little water is needed (roughly less than half of what would be required with paper). If possible use metal plates that carry minimal water. The plate requires only enough water to keep the surface wet. For oxidative inks keep the alcohol level from 10 to 15% and follow the guidelines from the ink supplier. The acidity of the dampening solution should not be set too high, (PH value approx. 5.5). Do not apply too high print impression pressure in order to avoid stretching of the film.

Print with low levels of ink density for faster drying and to avoid offsetting.


Do not use IR dryers; the intensity of the IR lamps may cause the film to deform due to excessive heat. This will affect the registration. Additionally it may also extend the drying time. Use a larger grain powder about 40 – 50 microns to facilitate drying. Larger grain powder allows more air to pass between the sheets and therefore means faster drying.

Dry the sheets in stacks of 200-250 sheets. Offsetting can occur if stacks are too large or the powder grain size is too small. Too large stacks may also obstruct airflow slowing down significantly drying time. Plan for 24 – 48 hours of drying time. Make sure the drying room has proper ventilation; this will speed up the drying process.

Adjust the UV-lamps to a level that still cures the inks but does not deform the film. When using a hybrid-printing machine turn off the IR lamps.

Varnish or coatings can be applied, Make sure you use previously tested varnishes and coatings.


STAFIX®GRIP OFFSET can be die-cut and kiss-cut. Always round the corners when die-cutting or kiss cutting because the inner-sharp corners might cause the film to tear, Perforating, binding and direct mail inserting is also possible. When trimming, use sharp, nick-free blades.

Protect the products well from dust when sending the finished goods to your client. Pack the material flat and do not fold the sheets.