Large Format

STAFIX®GRIP Large Format film is printable with Eco-Solvent, UV-Inkjet, UV LED and Latex inks.


Product properties

STAFIX®GRIP Large Format is a glue-free sticker material that adheres to various clean and very smooth surfaces with a silicon adhesion layer. The material is removable without leaving any residue and reusable even up to 12 months. The material adheres on the unprinted side only

STAFIX®GRIP Large Format film is printable with Eco-Solvent, UV-Inkjet, UV LED and Latex inks.

In the sealed original package, unprinted material can be stored  24 months

Product data

Reel Length (m) 3010030100
Reel Width (mm)1 3701 370
Reel Diameter, OD (mm)128196120177
Core (mm)76,2 (3”)76,2 (3”)
Reel Weight (kg)10281336
Weight (g/m2)1404518070
Thickness (µm)1905014050
Total Weight (g/m2)185250
Total Thickness (µm)240190
FinishingMatteGlossy / Clear
Working Temperature-30 °C to 110 °C-30 °C to 130 °C
180° Peel strength (g/25mm)2-102-10
RecyclabilityGrade 5 plasticGrade 1 plastic
Shelf life24 months24 months
Stafix® Product codeGR-190PPW50.1GR-140PETC50.2

Rolls: 0,5% in length, 0,1% in width


Store the unwrapped STAFIX®GRIP Large Format in the original package at 25% to 50% relative humidity and 15°C to 25°C temperature. The material should remain sealed in the original wrap until the STAFIX®GRIP Large Format material has warmed up to print-room temperature. Print-room recommended relative humidity is 50% to 60% and temperature is 18°C to 30°C. After use re-seal the remaining unused material in the original package.


Humidity (RH)25% to 50%50% to 60%
Temperature15°C to 25°C 18°C to 30°C
1370 mm x 30 m (white)10 kg234
1370 mm x 30 m (clear)13 kg234
1370 mm x 100 m white28 kg345
1370 mm x 100 m clear35 kg456

For pictures a raster of 60 – 70 l/cm is recommended. Create the black text of only 100% black for better registration. Avoid heavy deposits of ink for faster drying.

When printing an artwork on the clear material that will be used for window advertising, print the image mirror-wise and apply an additional covering white layer (either printed or a laminated layer) to reduce the transparency.
The sticker or poster is always installed from the unprinted side to the glass. The material adheres only from the unprinted side.

Always run a test with before printing a commercial job, specially for the first time printing on STAFIX®GRIP.

STAFIX®GRIP Large Format film is printable with Eco-Solvent, UV-Inkjet, UV LED and Latex inks.


Always run a test with the right inks and right conditions before printing a commercial job. Always use flexible inks.

When printing with UV presses adjust the UV lamps to a minimum level that still cures the inks but does not deform the film.

If you have problems with the registration of the clear film it is recommended to apply masking tape along the edge of the material to allow for the sensors to gain registration of the clear material


Use a printing profile suitable for non-absorbent, synthetic substrates such as self-adhesives.
Stafix Ltd has developed printing profiles for some of the most common large format printing machines for the STAFIX®GRIP Large Format white material such as:
HP Latex presses (300 and 500 Series) Printing profiles included on HP’s Media Solutions Locator under manufacturer’s name Stafix
Mimaki UCJV300-160 JV100 and UJV100
Roland TrueVis VG2-640  VG-640 SG2- 640 SG-540 Roland SOLJET XR- 640
Canon Colorado 1650
In order to download the profiles for your specific model please visit: under Material Manufacturer: Stafix Ltd.


Varnish or coatings can be applied, Make sure you test the varnishes and coatings previous to a print run.

It can be cut on the press’s own cutting system or on a table cutter. The white (PP) material is softer than the clear (PET) material and may need different pressure to be cut.

STAFIX®GRIP Large Format can be die-cut and kiss-cut. Always round the corners when die-cutting or kiss cutting because the inner-sharp corners might cause the film to tear, Perforating, binding and direct mail inserting is also possible. When trimming, use sharp, nick-free blades.