Product launches and POS Marketing


Product launches always include a lot of expectations. The whole process from product development to the actual product launch typically requires a lot of time and resources. To ensure a positive reaction to the new product, the product launch requires a lot of careful planning – especially in retail environments, where standing-out is difficult.

So, what do you need for a successful product launch and what should you take into consideration? We asked Adare International’s account manager Tiina Ollikainen to tell us about it.

New ideas join traditional channels and means

Adare International offers a wide selection of outsourced marketing services. The company operates globally, helping their customers with different marketing activities such as campaigns, and managing and producing print and promotion materials.

“We always try to find something new and different for the product launches in order to achieve visibility”, Ollikainen says. In practice this means using new and different channels and advertising materials.

Traditional in-store advertising options and campaign materials such as product promoters and pop-up price tags are used to get the customer’s attention as well as to raise interest towards the product. Recently these traditional approaches have been joined by new ideas and options, such as glue-free stickers.

It’s important to keep up with the campaign schedule in in-store advertising, since new advertising options appear all the time. According to Ollikainen, they are constantly searching for new ideas and options in the field. These new options and means can for example be related to lighting, structure, material or videos – basically to anything new and exciting! For example, QR-codes are often used in product launches to easily navigate the customers to a more specific page about the new product.

What should be taken into consideration when planning product launches?

According to Ollikainen at least the following three things should be taken into consideration when planning a product launch:

  1. Schedules

Project schedules set frames to product launch planning. At least logistic requirements, time required for product promoters’ pre-campaign efforts and printing companies’ own schedules need to be taken into consideration. Products and materials related to the product launch have to be in storage well before the actual product launching day. Even a two-day delay can have a surprisingly big effect on the product launch.

  1. Legislation

Restrictions and rules set by the law need to always be taken into consideration when planning product launches. Legislations can differ a lot between products and countries and they need to be strictly followed!

“This kind of strict regulations are typical especially in brewing and medical industries”, Ollikainen notes.

  1. Advertising materials

Due to a strict schedule, it’s recommended to use easy to attach and remove materials to build the actual campaign in-store. Easy-to-use materials help to avoid using too much time in the manual set-up of the in-store campaign. “The merchandizers and store staff appreciate effortless advertising materials also”, Ollikainen says.

But being only easy-to-use isn’t enough for promotional materials – they should also follow the different legislations around the world and be easily modified to suit the different laws and restrictions of different target markets.

Do you want to learn more?

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