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An interview with Aleksi Rastela, Sales & Marketing Director of Stafix Ltd.

Aleksi Rastela

2015 was a great year for Stafix Ltd. – new products were launched, FESPA was a success and the company also started a new kind of marketing approach. We talked about the previous and the upcoming year with the Sales & Marketing Director of Stafix Ltd., Aleksi Rastela.  What exactly happened last year and what to expect during 2016?

2015 was a great year for Stafix Ltd. New products, FESPA  and a new marketing approach. Where is the company going?

“It was the first time for us to be exhibiting at FESPA, and we are very happy that we made the decision to go there. FESPA was a great event to showcase our LFP materials, which we basically had earlier introduced by launching the STAFIX®GRIP Eco-Solvent materials in Autumn 2014. Additionally FESPA was a great chance to launch our STAFIX®GRIP Toner sheets as well. Later on, end of 2015 we were able to further extend our product offering in the LFP sector with our new STAFIX®GRIP UV-Inkjet products.”, says Aleksi.

“Overall, the aim is to strengthen our role and image in theprinting market as a specialized supplier of glue-free self-adhesive materials. A lot of the development and new ideas come through being in touch with the customers (both printers and brands) and listening to their needs and requests. I’d say that we are working towards bringing a wider offering of specialty materials to the market.”


During last year Stafix released a whole set of new and interesting material for your customers: ebooks, blog articles and newsletters. Why did you decide to take this road and what is the feedback until now? 

“Yes, the year was full of new efforts for sharing our expertise and ideas with the market. We launched our blog, three eBooks and continued developing our newsletter. We feel like the customers more and more need to have information available for independent search and comparison, instead of always starting from contact with the sales people, even tough that option naturally still exists.”, describes Aleksi.

“Furthermore, we’ve also focused on providing tips especially for in-store advertising, as mostly our products are used in that type of applications. This is an perspective we earlier haven’t emphasized that much and felt it was necessary.”

“Feedback has been very positive, especially the eBooks have gathered a lot of interest from both brands and advertising agencies, as well as the printing industry. Also our blog gains new subscribers month by month.”

STAFIX materials

Are there new materials coming up soon? What goal do you want to achieve with this new approach?

“We will continue introducing new materials, both for printing and for informative and educative purposes. Our eBooks will continue to provide useful insights not only on developing in-store advertising, but also on handling specialty printing materials. We’ll be active with new articles in our blog and wish to build the audience even wider.

We are looking to launch our next addition to the STAFIX®GRIP product group start of the second quarter of the year and have more new concepts in the pipeline. 

We hope that people that are trying to develop in-store advertising, utilize speciality printing materials or solve challenges related to them, can find our solutions more easily and feel that we are able to provide useful information and valuable solutions for their needs. Through this service we wish to build our expert image in the market and be identified as a company that is focused on helping it’s customers to develop in-store advertising solutions via speciality printing materials.”

Year 2015 took Stafix forward once again with all of the new materials and product launches making the upcoming year look even more promising. We will keep you posted on all of our news!