Common challenges in retail advertising

Retail advertising

In-store advertising should be both effective and easy to do, and why not even fun sometimes! Nevertheless, people often are faced with difficulties related to the process and implementation of retail advertising.

Many marketers planning their in-store advertising campaign for e.g. a product launch or a promotion are struggling with similar challenges:

  • How to get all the materials related to the campaign on time to all the different locations?
  • How to ensure easy and correct installation and proper location of the POS advertising materials?
  • How to ensure that the materials function in different store plans through out the retail chain, on different surfaces?
  • How to make sure that in-store materials are up-to-date and old campaign materials are removed promptly without damaging the shop fixtures?
  • How to get the campaign materials stand out from other advertisement and getting the desired results?

We trust that the correct choice of the in-store advertising materials can help you with the challenges mentioned above. We believe that successful in-store advertising should be:

1. Easy and cost-effective

2. Focused on possibilities, not limitations

3. Damage-free


Self-adhesive materials should be easy-to-install by the store staff, without the need and cost of professional installation.

Setting up a campaign in the store should be fast to implement and have great visual results. This helps you to ensure that the campaign materials are put up to the right location and installed properly. If the material is versatile and also easy-to-test, you can also do a pilot campaign and test the substrate to ensure that the campaign works properly in the store environment.


There should be as little as possible limitations on which surfaces, and where, you can install your advertising.

When you can use the same substrate on multiple surfaces, you have less of different type of items to be collected and distributed to the store locations. This helps to decrease the mistakes of missing some materials in some of the parcels. You should also be able to spread your campaign around the store on various surfaces. The closer you can have your message to the promoted product, the more effective your campaign will be, and the more likely you are to get the desired results.


You should be able to trust that you are not damaging the surfaces, which you are using the materials on.

Removal of the advertisement after the campaign should be equally easy and as fast, as installing them. We don’t think you should use time cleaning up after the campaign, but believe in residue-free materials. When the materials are easy-to-remove, campaigns are removed when the promotion has come to an end, and you don’t have to worry about having out-of-date messages in your stores or related to your product.


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6 tips for successful in-store advertising