TONER -material is available in white.


Product properties

STAFIX®GRIP is a glue-free sticker material that adheres to various clean and very smooth surfaces with a silicon adhesion layer.
The material is removable without leaving any residue and reusable even up to 12 months. The material adheres on the unprinted side only.

STAFIX®GRIP TONER is available in white and comes in sheets.
STAFIX®GRIP TONER material has a special receptive coating for TONER inks, the coating allows excellent ink transferability and ink adhesion.

In the sealed original package, the unprinted PET material can be stored up to 24 months

Product data


White Material
SRA3: 320 x 450 mm
• Boxes of 100 sheets
• Pallets of 4000 sheets (40 boxes)


Material PET
Finishing Matte
Weight g/m2 150 70
Thickness µm 115 50
Total Weight g/m2 220
Total Thickness µm 165

Sheets: 0,5% in length and width


Store the unwrapped STAFIX®GRIP in the original package at 25% to 50% relative humidity and 15°C to 25°C temperature. The material should remain sealed in the original wrap until the STAFIX®GRIP material has warmed up to print-room temperature.
Print-room recommended relative humidity is 50% to 60% and temperature is 18°C to 30°C. After use re-seal the remaining unused material in the original package. Proper acclimatization allows for better feeding through the press.

Humidity 25% to 50% 40% to 60%
Temperature 15° to 25 °C 18º to 30º

The warming-up time depends on the pallet weight and the temperature difference between the warehouse and the print-room, see table below for more details:

FORMAT KG (APPROX) 10° 15° 20° 25° 30° 35° 40° HOURS
TONER sheets, 320 x 450 mm
One box (100 sheets) 4 KG 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2

Once the STAFIX®GRIP TONER sheets have reached the same temperature as the print room you can open the boxes. Let the material acclimatize with the open box for 2 hours prior to printing for better runnability and efficient feeding. After use, repack the remaining unused material in the original package.

Always run a test with before printing a commercial job, specially for the first time printing on STAFIX®GRIP
STAFIX®GRIP TONER is compatible with machines such as:

  • Ricoh Pro C751 / C7110SX
  • Canon imageRUNNER 6000
  • Canon ImagePress C6010VP/ C7010VP
  • Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C1070 / C1085 / C1100
  • Xerox Color 560 / 570 / 700 / 770 / 1000i / J75
  • Xerox Versant 2100

The product is compatible with several other models. To confirm the compatibility with your specific model, please contact Stafix Ltd or your supplier of STAFIX® material.
We recommend testing the material before using with any other model not mentioned above.


STAFIX®GRIP TONER can be die-cut and kiss-cut. Always round the corners when die-cutting or kiss cutting because the inner-sharp corners might cause the film to tear, Perforating, binding and direct mail inserting is also possible. When trimming, use sharp, nick-free blades.

Protect the products well from dust when sending the finished goods to your client. Pack the material flat and do not fold the sheets.