We wish you a great summer!

Stafix week activities

As summer holidays are just around the corner in Finland and the rest of Europe, Stafix would like to wish you a great summer time and happy holidays!

Our production and offices will remain open throughout the summer, but obviously there are some changes to the normal due to our holidays also. If your contact would happen to be on holiday during your request, rest assured, we are happy to substitute for our colleagues!

During the first half of the year we have had team meetings in Milan and in Finland. These pictures are from our “Stafix week” held in May, in Finland.

Besides the business related issues, we also arranged some team activities during these valuable get togethers. Earlier in the spring the sales team got a tour of beautiful Milan arranged by our Italian team member, and visited various restaurants – taking pictures of the food was of course mandatory. In May, when the whole team was in Finland during the “Stafix week”, we organized a Frisbee-golf competition, and some historic Finnish outdoor activities gave us the opportunity to enjoy the great weather before preparing the dinner together. You can find pictures of the events from our company Facebook account here.

We have a lot of new, exciting things coming up after the summer, so stay tuned!