Digitalia Agents Competition in Italy

Digitalia spa, located in Padova, is an Italian distributor of digital printing materials and, since 2014, offers to its’ clients our STAFIX®STATIC UV-INKJET and STAFIX®STATIC INDIGO products, as well as our new material STAFIX®GRIP, always available in their stock.

In order to reach a wide number of customers and boost the product launch campaign, the two companies agreed to coordinate a competition for Digitalia’s agents, who were involved since October until January in a ”game” where the target was to sell more items than the others, with a nice reward coming to the best performing ones.  The result was completely satisfactory for both companies, who would be more than happy to repeat the positive experience in the future.

Gianfranco Faggian and Marino Rossetti, Digitalia’s CEOs, were enthusiastic about this activity: ”Our agents have been completely focused in this competition and we could see great results thanks to this campaign.”

”I think this was a great experiment to reach new customers and consolidate the relationship with the existing ones”, says Lorenzo Bracco, the Italian Account Manager who organized the competition. ”The agents are really important for the distribution of a material: motivating them is necessary, and what is there for that aim better than a prize at the end of the rope?”