We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product! The STAFIX®GRIP product group has been expanded, as the UV-inkjet printable rolls have been added to the range.

STAFIX®GRIP UV-Inkjet is available in the width of 1370mm and in lengths of 30m and 100m. For more detailed technical information please see the product data sheet here.


The road to the product launch started last year, as we introduced the STAFIX®GRIP Eco-Solvent product, specially designed for Eco-Solvent printing. This product has had a great acceptance by our clients, and moreover, they have requested a similar product specially designed for UV-Inkjet printers.

Based on this feedback, we have decided to develop and launch the STAFIX®GRIP UV-Inkjet product. This new product is more competitive for larger volume LFP campaigns as they often are printed with UV-inkjet. Also the option of having longer rolls in the length of 100m, supports having cost-efficiencies in longer print runs. The product is available in white and clear.

What are the main differences compared to the STAFIX®GRIP Eco-Solvent product?

“The key benefit from this product is production and cost efficiency. In order to reduce the manufacturing costs we have slightly reduced the thickness of the film. Furthermore, the film does not have a thick coating, since UV-Inkjet presses do not need a heavy absorbent coating. Additionally, we have increased the thickness of the release liner; this change makes the removal of the liner easier and also improves the post press functions like kiss-cutting and die-cutting considerably. The adhesion mechanism, based on our special silicone layer, is the same in both products”, says José Ayala Managing Director of Stafix Ltd.

Can’t wait to try the material?

We have rolls of 0.61 x 5m available for test printing. Just contact us directly or fill in your information here and we will be happy to arrange the test material for you.

You can also get free blank A4 and printed samples of the new material by leaving us your contact details here (please just write “GRIP UVI” in the comment field).